‘Sound Cube’
Soild maple

The parameters, of this project were to explore forms that could increase the quality and volume of sound, provided by a smartphone or ipod, whilst in the confines of the use of a singular natural material. The purpose of designing and manufacturing this device was in the interest of exploring the capability of sustainable materials for technological functions. To contextualize, we are all becoming more reliant on computational devices and hand- held technologies to function in modern society. As a result, we are also becoming more responsible for an increased appetite for plastic production and precious metals.

Concept Direction: I set out to create a form that accommodated function, well also creating a sculptural form, that was minimalist and balanced. With sustainability in mind, I wanted to make considered use of materials, opting to air out the design by staggering sections of material. This process began by lathing a cylindrical shape, out of solid maple, then hollowing out the interior to create the necessary shape for sound amplification. Rebates were scribed into this cylinder and square supports were slotted in. Finally, finishing was executed with non-toxic water based polyurethane varnish.

‘Sound Cube’ succeeds at it’s functional requirements, well abstaining from the complexity of circuitry and metal and plastic parts. With this consideration,’ Sound Cube’, prompts the question; is our current way of life over designed?, and is it possible to enjoy the benefits of ingenuity and technological progression while observing the limitations of this planet? One hopes that the future of product development will consider the balance between benefits of technological complexity in relation to environmental impacts.